Double Agent is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft™ Agent that allows Agent applications to work on Windows 7.


Double Agent currently includes the following:

Feature Description File(s)
Core Components Implements the all of the basic functionality for the character, balloon, property pages, etc. dacore.dll
Server Implements the Agent Server interfaces.
This includes loading and unloading characters, tracking characters, requests, and clients, showing property sheets, etc.
ActiveX Control Implements the Agent ActiveX Control.
The control conforms to Microsoft's ActiveX standard and is compatible with any programming language that can use ActiveX controls.  This includes C++, C#, Visual Basic (Version 6 and .NET), HTML, and various scripting languages.
Explorer Extensions Provides the character file (.ACS and .ACG) property page for Windows Explorer.
Also provides a Control Panel extension for managing Double Agent.
International The Microsoft™ Agent international components consist of a resource module (agtxxxx.dll) and a help file (agtxxxx.hlp), where xxxx is a hexadecimal language code.
Double Agent uses these resource modules to support languages other than English.  However, the help files are unusable since the .HLP help format is no longer supported.
Interop Assemblies The Double Agent package includes Interop Assemblies that allow the Agent Server and Agent ActiveX Control to interoperate with Windows .NET.  There is a set of interop assemblies for Double Agent, and another set for Microsoft™ Agent.
These assemblies are provided for convenience only.  Programmers can use them or create their own interop assemblies.


Double Agent is licensed under the GNU Public License as follows:

For more information, please refer to the GNU license documents accompanying this software, or visit