The Double Agent ActiveX Control implements these Microsoft™ Agent ActiveX Control interfaces:

Agent Control Interface Property/Method Status
IAgentCtlEx Characters Implemented
AudioOutput Implemented
SpeechInput Implemented
PropertySheet Implemented
CommandsWindow Implemented
ShowDefaultCharacterProperties Implemented
RaiseRequestErrors Implemented
Connected Implemented
Suspended Obsolete
IAgentCtlCharacters Load Implemented
Unload Implemented
Character Implemented
Item Implemented
Enum Implemented
IAgentCtlCharacterEx Activate Implemented
Active Implemented
HasOtherClients Implemented
Show Implemented
Hide Implemented
Visible Implemented
VisibilityCause Implemented
MoveTo Implemented
MoveCause Implemented
Left, Top Implemented
Width, Height Implemented
OriginalWidth, OriginalHeight Implemented
GestureAt Implemented
Get Implemented
Play Implemented
Think Implemented
Speak Partial (see Note 1)
Listen Implemented
Wait Implemented
Interrupt Implemented
Stop Implemented
StopAll Implemented
Name Implemented
Description Implemented
ExtraData Implemented
GUID Implemented
Version Implemented
AnimationNames Implemented
IdleOn Implemented
SoundEffectsOn Implemented
ShowPopupMenu Implemented
AutoPopupMenu Implemented
LanguageID Implemented
Speed Implemented
Pitch Implemented (see Note 2)
TTSModeID Implemented (see Note 3)
SRModeID Implemented (see Note 4)
SRStatus Implemented (see Note 5)
Balloon Implemented
Commands Implemented
HelpModeOn Not implemented
HelpContextID Not implemented
HelpFile Not implemented
IAgentCtlBalloonEx Enabled Implemented
Visible Implemented
Style Implemented
NumberOfLines Implemented
CharsPerLine Implemented
ForeColor Implemented
BackColor Implemented
BorderColor Implemented
FontName Implemented
FontSize Implemented
FontBold Implemented
FontItalic Implemented
FontStrikethru Implemented
FontUnderline Implemented
FontCharSet Implemented
IAgentCtlCommandsEx Count Implemented
Visible Implemented
Caption Implemented
Voice Implemented
VoiceCaption Implemented
FontName Not implemented
FontSize Not implemented
GlobalVoiceCommandsEnabled Implemented
Add Implemented
Insert Implemented
Remove Implemented
RemoveAll Implemented
Command Implemented
DefaultCommand Implemented
Item Implemented
Enum Implemented
HelpContextID Not implemented
IAgentCtlCommandEx Visible Implemented
Enabled Implemented
Caption Implemented
Voice Implemented
VoiceCaption Implemented
Confidence Implemented
ConfidenceText Implemented
HelpContextID Not implemented
IAgentCtlCommandsWindow Visible Implemented
Left, Top Implemented
Width, Height Implemented
IAgentCtlUserInput CharacterID Implemented
Count Implemented
Name Implemented
Confidence Implemented
Voice Implemented
Alt1Name Implemented
Alt1Confidence Implemented
Alt1Voice Implemented
Alt2Name Implemented
Alt2Confidence Implemented
Alt2Voice Implemented
IAgentCtlPropertySheet Visible Implemented
Left, Top Implemented
Width, Height Implemented
Page Implemented
IAgentCtlAudioObjectEx Enabled Implemented
SoundEffects Implemented
Status Implemented (see Note 6)
IAgentCtlSpeechInput Enabled Implemented
HotKey Implemented
ListeningTip Implemented
Installed Obsolete
Language Obsolete
Engine Obsolete
IAgentCtlRequest ID Implemented
Status Implemented
Number Implemented
Description Implemented
IAgentCtlAnimationNames Enum Implemented
_AgentEvents ActivateInput Implemented
DeactivateInput Implemented
ActiveClientChange Implemented
Show Implemented
Hide Implemented
BalloonShow Implemented
BalloonHide Implemented
RequestStart Implemented
RequestComplete Implemented
DragStart Implemented
DragComplete Implemented
Move Implemented
Size Implemented
Click Implemented
DblClick Implemented
Command Implemented
IdleStart Implemented
IdleComplete Implemented
Bookmark Implemented
ListenStart Implemented
ListenComplete Implemented
DefaultCharacterChange Implemented
AgentPropertyChange Implemented
HelpComplete Not implemented
Restart Obsolete
Shutdown Obsolete
  1. Linguistically enhanced sound files are not supported.
  2. When a SAPI5 voice is used, the TTSPitch value comes from the character file and is based on the voice specified when the character was designed.  A SAPI5 voice does not have a pitch attribute.
  3. The 32-bit version supports both SAPI5 and SAPI4 (if installed).  The 64-bit version supports only SAPI5.
    For a SAPI4 voice engine, TTSModeID is the GUID of a SAPI4 voice mode.  For a SAPI5 voice engine, TTSModeID is the SAPI5 voice name.
    If the specified TTSModeID is invalid, the result code is AGENTWARNING_TTSENGINENOTFOUND rather than AGENTERR_TTSLANGUAGENOTFOUND.
  4. The SRModeID is not the GUID associated with a SAPI4 recognition engine.  Instead, it's a SAPI5 recognizer name.
  5. The LISTEN_STATUS_NOAUDIO(1) and LISTEN_STATUS_CANTOPENAUDIO(3) values are not supported.
  6. The AUDIO_STATUS_NOAUDIO(1) and AUDIO_STATUS_CANTOPENAUDIO(2) values are not supported.