The Double Agent server implements these Microsoft™ Server COM interfaces:

Agent Server Interface Method Status
IAgentEx Load Implemented
  Unload Implemented
  Register Implemented
  Unregister Implemented
  GetCharacter Implemented
  GetCharacterEx Implemented
  GetVersion Implemented
  ShowDefaultCharacterProperties Implemented
  GetSuspended Obsolete
IAgentCharacterEx Activate Implemented
  GetActive Implemented
  HasOtherClients Implemented
  Show Implemented
  Hide Implemented
  GetVisible Implemented
  GetVisibilityCause Implemented
  MoveTo Implemented
  GetMoveCause Implemented
  GetPosition Implemented
  SetPosition Implemented
  GetSize Implemented
  SetSize Implemented
  GetOriginalSize Implemented
  GestureAt Implemented
  Prepare Implemented
  Play Implemented
  Think Implemented
  Speak Partial (see Note 1)
  Listen Implemented
  Wait Implemented
  Interrupt Implemented
  Stop Implemented
  StopAll Implemented
  GetName Implemented
  SetName Implemented
  GetDescription Implemented
  SetDescription Implemented
  GetExtraData Implemented
  GetGUID Implemented
  GetVersion Implemented
  GetAnimationNames Implemented
  GetIdleOn Implemented
  SetIdleOn Implemented
  GetSoundEffectsOn Implemented
  SetSoundEffectsOn Implemented
  ShowPopupMenu Implemented
  SetAutoPopupMenu Implemented
  GetAutoPopupMenu Implemented
  SetLanguageID Implemented
  GetLanguageID Implemented
  GetTTSSpeed Implemented
  GetTTSPitch Implemented (see Note 2)
  GetTTSModeID Implemented (see Note 3)
  SetTTSModeID Implemented (see Note 3)
  GetSRModeID Implemented (see Note 4)
  SetSRModeID Implemented (see Note 4)
  GetSRStatus Implemented (see Note 5)
  GetHelpFileName Not implemented
  SetHelpFileName Not implemented
  SetHelpModeOn Not implemented
  GetHelpModeOn Not implemented
  SetHelpContextID Not implemented
  GetHelpContextID Not implemented
IAgentBalloonEx GetEnabled Implemented
  GetVisible Implemented
  SetVisible Implemented
  GetStyle Implemented
  SetStyle Implemented
  GetNumLines Implemented
  SetNumLines Implemented
  GetNumCharsPerLine Implemented
  SetNumCharsPerLine Implemented
  GetForeColor Implemented
  GetBackColor Implemented
  GetBorderColor Implemented
  GetFontName Implemented
  SetFontName Implemented
  GetFontSize Implemented
  SetFontSize Implemented
  GetFontBold Implemented
  GetFontItalic Implemented
  GetFontStrikethru Implemented
  GetFontUnderline Implemented
  SetFontCharSet Implemented
  GetFontCharSet Implemented
IAgentCommandsEx GetCount Implemented
  GetVisible Implemented
  SetVisible Implemented
  GetCaption Implemented
  SetCaption Implemented
  GetVoice Implemented
  SetVoice Implemented
  GetVoiceCaption Implemented
  SetVoiceCaption Implemented
  GetFontName Not implemented
  SetFontName Not implemented
  GetFontSize Not implemented
  SetFontSize Not implemented
  GetGlobalVoiceCommandsEnabled Implemented
  SetGlobalVoiceCommandsEnabled Implemented
  Add Implemented
  AddEx Implemented
  Insert Implemented
  InsertEx Implemented
  Remove Implemented
  RemoveAll Implemented
  GetCommand Implemented
  GetCommandEx Implemented
  GetDefaultID Implemented
  SetDefaultID Implemented
  SetHelpContextID Not implemented
  GetHelpContextID Not implemented
IAgentCommandEx GetID Implemented
  GetVisible Implemented
  SetVisible Implemented
  GetEnabled Implemented
  SetEnabled Implemented
  GetCaption Implemented
  SetCaption Implemented
  SetVoice Implemented
  GetVoice Implemented
  SetVoiceCaption Implemented
  GetVoiceCaption Implemented
  SetConfidenceThreshold Implemented
  GetConfidenceThreshold Implemented
  SetConfidenceText Implemented
  GetConfidenceText Implemented
  SetHelpContextID Not implemented
  GetHelpContextID Not implemented
IAgentCommandWindow GetVisible Implemented
  SetVisible Implemented
  GetPosition Implemented
  GetSize Implemented
IAgentUserInput GetCount Implemented
  GetItemID Implemented
  GetItemConfidence Implemented
  GetItemText Implemented
  GetAllItemData Implemented
IAgentPropertySheet GetVisible Implemented
  SetVisible Implemented
  GetPosition Implemented
  GetSize Implemented
  GetPage Implemented
  SetPage Implemented
IAgentAudioOutputPropertiesEx GetEnabled Implemented
  GetUsingSoundEffects Implemented
  GetStatus Implemented (see Note 6)
IAgentSpeechInputProperties GetInstalled Obsolete
  GetEnabled Implemented
  GetHotKey Implemented
  GetListeningTip Implemented
  GetLCID Obsolete
  GetEngine Obsolete
  SetEngine Obsolete
IAgentNotifySinkEx ActivateInputState Implemented
  ActiveClientChange Implemented
  VisibleState Implemented
  BalloonVisibleState Implemented
  RequestStart Implemented
  RequestComplete Implemented
  DragStart Implemented
  DragComplete Implemented
  Move Implemented
  Size Implemented
  Click Implemented
  DblClick Implemented
  Command Implemented
  Idle Implemented
  BookMark Implemented
  ListeningState Implemented
  DefaultCharacterChange Implemented
  AgentPropertyChange Implemented
  HelpComplete Not implemented
  Restart Obsolete
  Shutdown Obsolete
  1. Linguistically enhanced sound files are not supported.
  2. When a SAPI5 voice is used, the TTSPitch value comes from the character file and is based on the voice specified when the character was designed.  A SAPI5 voice does not have a pitch attribute.
  3. The 32-bit version supports both SAPI5 and SAPI4 (if installed).  The 64-bit version supports only SAPI5.
    For a SAPI4 voice engine, TTSModeID is the GUID of a SAPI4 voice mode.  For a SAPI5 voice engine, TTSModeID is the SAPI5 voice name.
    If the specified TTSModeID is invalid, the result code is AGENTWARNING_TTSENGINENOTFOUND rather than AGENTERR_TTSLANGUAGENOTFOUND.
  4. The SRModeID is not the GUID associated with a SAPI4 recognition engine.  Instead, it's a SAPI5 recognizer name.
  5. The LISTEN_STATUS_NOAUDIO(1) and LISTEN_STATUS_CANTOPENAUDIO(3) values are not supported.
  6. The AUDIO_STATUS_NOAUDIO(1) and AUDIO_STATUS_CANTOPENAUDIO(2) values are not supported.